Third Party Verification

Closing contracts on the phone

Even your best salesperson is powerless if the client does not sign or does not return the contract back to you.  Avoid such inconveniences and start closing contracts right away on the phone.

Improve your Contact Center Productivity

Our Third Party Verification (TPV) process provides you with a reliable way to achieve noticeable and measurable improvements in the efficiency of your call center.  TPV enables you to increase the value of your telephone contacts and reduce administrative and personnel costs!

TPV is ideal for standard mass market products.  By closing contracts quickly you avoid losses that other vendors suffer by sending contracts back and forth.  Because many agreements are never acted on or land on a pile somewhere, with TPV you get clients to sign as soon as they take a moment to talk.  This allows you to eliminate administrative efforts that only annoy customers.

Use factual data

TSS provides you with daily sales statistics, giving you valuable and key information: How many contracts were signed?  What revenues were booked?  Trends are recognized immediately and you are able to respond quickly and accurately.

Every step is documented and accessible

TSS records and archives your sales calls.  You regularly receive these records for immediate access when questions arise.